Test List Cycles

QATrack+ allows you to set up groups of Test Lists, called Test List Cycles, which are performed in a cycle. For example, you may perform different safety tests on different days of the week. When a user chooses to perform a Test List Cycle the next Test List scheduled to be performed is automatically loaded for the user.

Manually Choosing A Test List From A Test List Cycle

Occasionally you may want to perform a specific day from a Test List Cycle out of order. This is easily accomplished on the test list page by selecting the desired day from the dropdown list in the left hand drawer menu.

Overriding the default test list cycle day

Overriding the default test list cycle day


You could also change the requested day in the url from next to the day of your choosing. For example you could change the url from http://qatrack/qa/utc/perform/27/?day=next to http://qatrack/qa/utc/perform/27/?day=3 but this method is not guaranteed to work in the future.