Admin Site
This is the section of your QATrack+ site used for configuring Tests, Test Lists, Auto Review Rules etc. See the Admin Site documentation.
The API (Application Programming Interface) is a method you can use to access and upload data to your QATrack+ programmaticaly. See the API documentation.
Auth Token
The API uses Auth tokens for authenticating API requests.
Auto Review
In QATrack+ you can set up Auto Review Rules to automatically assign Test Instance Statuss to your Test instances so that no manual review is required.
Auto Review Rule
See Auto Review.
Categories define the type of test users are performing. Test Lists can be filtered by Test Category when performing QC. See Categories.
Contacts are phone numbers that can be displayed to users when performing QC in case they run into any issues and need to call for help. See Contacts.
Frequency is the time schedule with which a test list is to be performed (e.g. Daily, Monthly, Annual etc). See Frequency.
Groups are used to User s with common roles within the clinic. Groups are useful for managing Permissions for similar users. See Groups.
Group Linkers
Group linkers are used to specifiy individual Groups members involved in a Service Event. This information is displayed on the Service Event page in the Involved Parties and Durations frame and may be used to specifiy the various individuals involved in the Service Event (beyond those doing the actual service work). See Service Log.
Parts storage Rooms may have one or more locations (e.g. a shelf, closet, cabinet etc) associated with them.
Treatment & diagnostic units may have multiple modalities assigned (for example 6MV photon & 15MeV electron). In future, it may be possible to assign Test List’s to specific Unit modalities rather than an entire Unit.
Notification Subscriptions
Notification subscriptions allow QATrack+ to send email alerts to different groups when a Test List is submitted with one or more Tests which are outside of Tolerance or Action levels. See Email notifications.
As of QATrack+ v0.3.0 there is now a Parts application which can be used for tracking spare parts inventory. See Parts.
Parts Categories
Parts categories allow you to categorize parts by their function (e.g. Linac, Table, Laser etc).
The permissions assigned to Groups and Users control what functionality they have access to on the QCTrack+ site. See Permissions.
QC Session
See Test List Instance.
The value which Test Instance are compared to when performing QC to determine whether they are within tolerance and action levels. See References & Tolerances.
Rooms are used in the Parts app for keeping track of where spare parts are located.
Return To Service QC
Test Lists that must be performed after a Service Event before a Unit can be released for clinical service.
See Return To Service QC
See Return To Service QC
Service Area

Service Area’s are different sub systems of a treatment unit & bunker. For example:

  • Treatment Table
  • Lasers
  • XVI
  • iView
Service Event
A machine service event like preventative maintenance, unplanned outage etc. See Service Log.
Service Event Status
The status of a Service Event. Service Event Status’s indicate whether review of the Service Event is required and whether Return To Service QC must be reviewed. Example Service Event Status’s include: - Service Pending - Service In Progress - Service Complete - Approved - Test Data - Rejected
Service Type

The type of a Service Event. For example: - Preventative Maintenance - Minor Repairs / Corrective Maintenance - Extensive Repairs - Safety Systems

See Service Log.

For clinics with multiple sites, you can indicate which site a Unit is located at.
Staff User
A Staff user is any user who can access the admin section. See Users.
See Test Instance Status
To ease configuration of Test Lists, you can include other Test Lists in addition to Tests. See Sublists.
A User who has Superuser status has all Permissions granted to them implicitly. See Users.
Suppliers are companies/vendors who supply your clinic with parts. See Parts.
A Test is any individual measurement to be entered into QATrack+. Tests may be a numerical value to be entered, a true or false checkmark, text entry etc.
Test List
A Test List is a grouping of Test’s to be performed at the same time. For example a Test List might be “Monthly 6MV Output” and be made up of tests for temperature, air pressure, ion chamber calibration factors and ion chamber readings.
Test List Cycle
A Test List Cycle allows you to group multiple Test Lists into a single repeating cycle that can be assigned to a unit. See Test Lists.
Test Instance
A Test Instance is a single completed value of any given Test. Each Test Instance is assigned a Test Instance Status.
Test List Instance
A Test List Instance is a single completed value of any given Test List. Also called a QC Session.
Test Instance Status
A Test Instance Status is assigned to each Test Instance which indicates whether a Test Instance is reviewed/approved/rejected. See Statuses.
Test Pack
A file of Tests, Test Lists, Test List Cycles, and Test Categories to enable sharing configurations between different clinics. See Test Packs.
Third Parties
Third parties are service people, associated with a Vendor from outside the clinic who work on/repair units. See Service Log.
Tolerances, in combination with References, determine whether a Test Instance value is within tolerance or action levels. See References & Tolerances.
A piece of equipment e.g. a linac, brachy suite, tomotherapy unit etc. You may also want to define e.g.
Unit Class
Unit class is the category of Unit e.g. Linac, Tomotherapy, CT, MRI etc.
Unit Type
The model of a unit e.g. Elekta Synergy, Varian TrueBeam.
Unit Service Area Memberships
Unit Service Area Memberships are how Service Areas are associated with a Unit and are configured via the Unit admin.
Unit Test Collection
Unit Test Collections are how Test Lists and Frequency are associated with a Unit.
Unreviewed Queue
The set of Test List Instance’s that require manual review.
Any person who has the ability to login to your QATrack+ site. See User.
Major equipment vendors e.g. Accuray, Elekta, Varian etc.