Service Event Templates & Schedules

Service Event Templates

In order to simplify the process of creating Service Events, QATrack+ allows you to define Service Event Templates that can be used to autopopulate many of the fields in the Service Event form including:

  • Service Type
  • Service Area
  • Problem Description
  • Work Description
  • Is Review Required?
  • Return To Service Tests / Test List Cycles

This allows you to create say a “Annual PM” service event template which predefines the work done and return to service work required after the PM.

To create a new Service Event Template, go to the admin area and select the Service Event Templates link in the Service Log section then click the Add Service Event Template button.

On the Add service event template page give your template a name (e.g. Annual PM) and then fill out the fields below to indicate how the Service Event fields should be populated when a user selects this template.

All of the fields are optional, however special attention should be payed to the Service Area and Return to Service Test Lists (Cycles) fields. A Service Event Template may only be applied to a unit when that unit has a matching service area and the selected return to service test lists/cycles assigned to it. If you need to create a more generic template that can be applied to a variety of unit types you may want to leave those fields blank.

Once you have filled out the fields, click Save.

Adding a new Service Event Template

Adding a new Service Event Template

For information on using a Service Event Template see the Service Log Users Guide.

Service Event Schedules

Similar to the concept of assigning Test Lists to Units, QATrack+ allows you to assign Service Event Templates (described above) to Units to be performed with a given frequency.

To assign a Service Event Template to a Unit, go to the admin area and select the Assign Service Event Templates to Units link in the Service Log section then click the Add Service Event Schedule button.

On the Add service event schedule page, select the Unit Service Area you want to assign your template to (this will autopopulate the Unit field).

Unit Service Area

The Unit Service Area that you want to assign the test list to.


The Frequency with which you want the template to be performed (e.g. Daily, Monthly, Yearly etc).

Optionally, you can leave the frequency blank and the template will be assigned to be performed on an ad-hoc basis.

Due Date & Auto Schedule

Here you can manually set the initial due date/time for a test list on a unit. You can also leave this blank if you like and the test list will show up as being Not Due.

If you leave Auto Schedule checked, the due date will automatically be updated according to the assigned frequency after the test list is completed on a unit.

Assigned To

The group of users that is generally responsible for performing the service. Note that the Assigned To property is used for display only and users not part of the Assigned To group will still be able to see and perform the template.

Visible To

Select which user groups this service event template should be visible to by moving groups from the Chosen visible to to the Available visible to box.


If this checkbox is unchecked, the template will not appear in any listings on the main site. This should be used to disable templates are no longer performed on a unit.

Adding a new Service Event Schedule

Adding a new Service Event Schedule

For more information on performing Service Event Schedules, see the Service Log Users Guide.