Service Event Statuses

Similar to Test Instance Status’s, Service Events have a status associated with them. These Service Event Status help manage the flow of a Service Event from initiation to completion.

To create Service Event Statuses go to the Admin section and click the Service Event Statuses link in the Service Log section and then click the Add Service Event Status button. Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Name A short descriptive name for the status
  • Is default Check off whether this should be considered the default Service Event Status when initiating a Service Event.
  • Is review required Do service events with this status require review?
  • RTS qa review required Service events with Return To Service (RTS) QC that has not been reviewed can not have this status selected if set to true. For example, you may have an Approved Service Event Status that requires one or more Test Lists to be performed and approved before the Service Event can have its status set to Approved.
  • Description A description of this status
  • Color Service Event Statuses can have different colours associated with them.
  • Order You may set an explit order for each Service Event Status. When the user selects a status from a dropdown menu in the UI, the statuses will be displayed according to their order.


By default the following Service Event Statuses are configured:

Status Name Is Review Required Is Default RTS QC Must be reviewed
Service Pending Yes No No
Service In Progress Yes Yes No
Service Complete Yes No No
Approved No No Yes
Test Data No No No
Rejected No No No