Service Types

Every Service Event initiated needs to have a Service Type associated with it.

To create Service Types go to the Admin section and click the Service Types link in the Service Log section and then click the Add Service Type button. Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Name A short descriptive name for the Service Type.
  • Is review required This flag controls whether the “Is Review Required” checkbox is enabled when entering/editing service events. If this flag is not checked, then users will have the option of not requiring a new Service Event to be reviewed. If this flag is checked, then all Service Events of this type will be required to undergo review. For example, you may wish to leave this flag unchecked for minor service types and allow the person entering the service event details to determine whether it needs to be reviewed or not. Conversely you may want to check this flag for extensive, or safety systems service types.
  • Is active Unchecking this will hide the Service Type from drop down menus
  • Description A brief description of this service type

By default the following Service Types are defined:

Service Type Requires Approval Definition
Preventive (Regular) Maintenance No Anything that is recommended by the manufacturer for routine (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) maintenance and is on a schedule.
Minor Repairs / Corrective Maintenance No Anything that is not part of a routine schedule and requires intervention without parts replacement.
Extensive Repairs No Any repair that is not part of a routine schedule and involves the replacement of parts. In addition, any action that involves changes to ANY operating parameter (i.e. steering coils, gun current, readout calibration, etc.).
Safety Systems Yes Any repair that involves a CNSC regulated safety system. Examples are in-room monitors, room interlocks, prim alert, etc