Welcome to QATrack+’s documentation!

About QATrack+ v3.1.1

QATrack+ is a fully configurable, free, and open source (MIT License) web application for managing QC data for radiation therapy and medical imaging equipment. QATrack+ is used in many hospitals and clinics around the world!

QATrack+ is a replacement for error prone spreadsheets and other in-house databases. It brings structure and organization to your QA program while retaining much of the flexibility of spreadsheets. Built in scheduling, reports, notifications, and charts make keeping on top of your machine QA program a breeze!

The main features include:

  • Record & review your QC data via a user friendly web application.

  • Fully customized QC tests. You configure QATrack+ to record the data that is important to you. QATrack+ comes with a number of test types including:

    • numerical
    • text
    • file upload & analysis using Python scripts (arbitrary file types including DICOM, JPG, TIFF etc)
    • yes/no
    • multiple choice
    • calculations using Python snippets
    • date & times
    • and more!
  • Schedule your QC on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual or define your own custom scheduling recurrence rules.

  • Configure notifications to alert you when:

    • Scheduled QC tests are due or overdue
    • QC tests are completed
    • Service events are created
    • more!
  • Built in data charts for trending numerical test results. Data can be filtered by unit, date, or frequency, and can also be exported for external analysis.

  • PDF & Excel reports that can be generated on the fly, or delivered to you via email on a schedule of your choosing.

  • Support for multiple user groups (e.g. Administrators, Physicists, Assistants, Therapists, etc) with user & group-specific privileges and test lists, as well as a configurable user authentication system.

  • Easily integrate test procedures into data entry forms via embedded html or links to external documentation.

  • Save incomplete work and complete it a later date.

  • Perform manual review & approval of QC data or use Auto Review Rules to cut down your QC Review workload.

  • Integrated Service Log for tracking service events and machine downtime

  • Parts tracker for tracking spare parts on hand, part costs and vendors

  • The flexibility to host on an intranet or www, requiring minimal resources from IT departments. Can optionally be managed within a physics department if permitted by local institution policies.


For some example screenshots, please see the Screenshots page.

Installation & Deployment

QATrack+ is deployable on most operating system/server/database platform combinations. It was developed in the popular Python programming language using the Django web framework so that QC data may be entered, reviewed, and analyzed using a web browser.

Documentation for QATrack+ v0.2.7-v0.2.9

As of version 0.3.0 QATrack+ documentation is hosted at http://docs.qatrackplus.com. For versions prior to v0.3.0, please see the QATrack+ Wiki on BitBucket.

Problems, Questions or Suggestions?

Bugs or Feature Requests

If you have a bug to report or a feature to request please use the GitHub Issues page.

Mailing List, General Questions, Discussions or Support?

If you have general questions, want to have an initial discussion about features or the way things work (basically anything that isn’t a specific bug report or feature request) please use the Google QATrack+ Group Forum.

This forum is also a mailing list and it is highly recommended that you subscribe to email updates from the forum to get all the announcements about QATrack+ releases and discussions.

Commercial Support and Hosting Services

Commercial support and cloud hosting services for QATrack+ are now available from Multi Leaf Consulting.


Want to discuss something directly with the QATrack+ team? Please feel free to email directly:


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