Configuring Test List Cycles

A test list cycle allows you to group multiple Test Lists into a single repeating cycle that can be assigned to a unit.

For example, at our clinic, on a number of units, the therapists daily QC is on a repeating 2 or 4 day cycle where the actual tests they perform vary slightly by day. A test list cycle allows us to handle this situation without the therapists having to keep track of which day was done last.

For a 4 day cycle, you would create 4 separate test lists (e.g. Morning Outputs Day 1, Morning Outputs Day 2, Morning Outputs Day 3, Morning Outputs Day 4) and then create a Test List Cycle made up of those 4 Test Lists. You would then assign that Test List Cycle to the unit with a daily frequency, rather than assigning each of the 4 test lists individually.

When a user performs a Test List Cycle, it checks which test list in the cycle was performed last and automatically presents them with the tests in the next days test list. So if Day 2 was performed yesterday, they will be presented with the Day 3 tests today. You can also manually override which day you want to perform.

Defining a test list cycle is described below.

Creating a new Test List Cycle

From the main admin page select the Test list cycles page and click the Add test list cycle button in the top right corner of the page. The fields for defining a test list cycle are described below.


A descriptive name that will be displayed in listings of test-lists.


A slug is a URL friendly short label for a test list. It should consist of only letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens.



A concise description of what this test list is for.

Day Option Text

Choose whether to use the test list day number (i.e. Day 1, Day 2, …) or the test list name for display in the dropdown used for chossing one of the test list members.

Test list cycle memberships

To add a test list to your cycle click the magnifying glass beside the first text box uder the Test list cycle memberships section. (Note prior to version 0.2.6 you first need to click the Add another Test List Cycle Membership link to create a new row in the Test list cycle memberships list.)

Search for test list

Search for test list

This will bring up a dialogue box where you can search or navigate to the test list that you want to add to your cycle.

Test List Cycle Search Results

Test List Cycle Search Results

Clicking on the name of the test list you want to add will close the dialogue and add the test list to your cycle. Repeat these steps until you have added all the required test lists to your cycle.

Test List Cycle ID's

Test List Cycle ID’s

Once you have added all your test lists, click the Save and continue editing button and confirm all your test lists are present and in the correct order.

Test List Cycle after save

Test List Cycle after save

If you need to reorder the test lists you can do so by dragging and dropping the test list rows into a different order and then saving the changes.

Removing a list from a test list cycle

To remove a test list from a cycle, click the checkbox under the Delete column of the Test list cycle memberships listing and then save the cycle.

Removing a test list from a cycle

Removing a test list from a cycle


You can add arbitrary attachments to a Test List Cycle (e.g. a PDF procedure for performing the Test Lists which make up the Cycle) by uploading them using the Attachments section at the bottom of the Test List Cycle configuration page.