Fault Log Administration

The Fault Log app is used for tracking faults that occur on your units. There is no initial configuration required for the fault log app.

Fault Types

Fault types can be created on the fly as users log new faults so it is not necessary to configure fault types. However, if you want to manually add fault types, or add a description to existing fault types it can be done in the Fault types section of the admin.

Faults admin section

Faults admin section

On the Fault types listing page, you can add a new fault type by clicking the Add Fault Type button at the top right hand of the page, or edit an existing fault type by clicking the link in the Code column of the table.

The Fault Type fields are as follows:

  • Code The fault type code or fault type number.
  • Description A description that will be shown alongside the fault type when viewing fault details.


Typically you would edit faults using the Fault Log application, however, you may also edit or delete faults from the admin interface if you prefer.