Installation and Deployment Options

Selecting a platform for QATrack+

Currently there are two “officially” supported platforms for deploying QATrack+ on: 1) Ubuntu Linux (14.04+) with PostgreSql (or MySQL) and 2) Windows Server 2012+ with SQL Server. There are many, many, more operating systems/database combinations but it is overwhelming to create and keep documentation updated for all of them. That said, if you have a different preference of platform, adapting the Ubuntu instructions to another *nix system should be relatively straightforward.

The platform you choose will generally depend on what type of system you or your clinic has the most expertise in and / or your budget (Microsoft tools can be expensive!).

Note there is no official support for the platforms listed below. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are unreliable, just that you may be on your own if you run into any issues. Of course you can always look for help on the mailing list.

Configuring your QATrack+ Instance

After installing QATrack+ you will likely want to customize some of the settings for QATrack+. All of the available settings and how to set them is described here: